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Student CMIT Application Reimbursement


CMAA exists to promote the use of Construction Management (CM) as a professional service and to enhance the quality of the CM practice.

Students in construction management or related degree programs have the ability to apply and compete for multiple scholarship opportunities.

The Construction Manager-in-Training (CMIT®) stackable credentials focus on the fundamentals of construction management practice and offer a pathway to learn how to become a competent and successful construction manager (CM).

The CMIT program is intended for the following persons:

  • Early career professionals focused on becoming a professional CM;

  • Mid-career professionals looking for a pathway to grow in their CM careers; and

  • Soon-to-be and recent graduates looking to begin their CM career.  

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Student Application Reimbursement
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 I understand that CMAA may contact me from time to time for input on ways the organization can best support students and that my contact information will be shared with my local Region/Chapter for future engagement.

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